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Beldico Bottles

Food Grade material, ISO 9001 certified, CE marked and certified toxic-free.
Bottles can be frozen for storage to -30oC and can be microwave heated.

Multiple sizes and volumes - 50ml, 120ml and 240ml all with a standard thread compatible with a range of collection kits and teats.
Can be used for the collection and storage of mother's milk as well as for the preparation of formula milk.
The milk can be pasteurised in the feeding bottles.

Sterlised with Ethylene Oxide or treated with Gamma Radiation.

Are individually packed in a peel-able pouch, sterile and ready for use.
Ready-to-use, without the need for treatment or sterilization.
Fulfills the needs of neonate, maternity and paediatric departments.
Have a 5 year shelf life.
Recyclable. Incineration without toxic emissions.