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Beldico Disposable Kits

The kits are 24 hour, single patient use.

Food Grade material, ISO 9001 certified, CE marked and certified toxic-free.

Fulfills the needs in neonate, maternity and paediatric departments.
Available in 3 Flange sizes - 25mm, 27mm and 30mm.
The flanges have a standard screw thread suitable for a large range of feeding bottles.

Sterlised with Ethylene Oxide or treated with Gamma Radiation.

The collection kits include a filter to stop any milk flowing back into the Breast Pump.
Individually packed in a peel-able pouch, sterile and ready for use. 
Ready-to-use, without the need for treatment or sterilization.
Fulfills the needs of neonate, maternity and paediatric departments.
Have a 5 year shelf life.
Recyclable. Incineration without toxic emissions.