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Trusted Obstetric Products.

Our traditional obstetric products have aided in the most important event in the world - the birth of a baby!  Well over 100 million times and for almost a century!
The birth of a child is one of the riskiest and most costly procedures in the hospital.  Sacrificing high quality for cost savings should not be an option when liabilities are so high.
The Mabis traditional obstetric products have been proven for well over 100 million births in consistently providing positive outcomes and most cost-effective risk mitigation.
All of our products are produced to world class manufacturing and exacting quality specifications.  These products must pass through our innovative, rigorous, laser vision inspection systems to ensure that only products meeting 100% of our tough criteria will be passed for use.
Our products are built on decades of experience and commitment to the highest quality, proven every day, every birth.

So why take a risk?....when you can count on these products for proven quality and performance unrivalled by any other traditional obstetric product?

Our range consists of:
Urinary Collection Bags for Preemie, Newborn and Paediatric
Plastibell Circumcision Devices in various sizes
Umbilical Cord Clamps
Umbilical Cord Clamp Clipper

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