Beldico Teats

We offer a wide range of different teats with different flow rates to meet all the needs of premature babies and newborns.

Food Grade material, ISO 9001 certified, CE marked and certified toxic-free.
The teats are completely odour-free and flavourless.

The teat protectors have a unique and reliable click system ensuring a perfect seal for the teat/ring.
Transport and handling at the hospital can take place without any risk ensuring an aseptic cover.
The graduated teat protectors also function as a milk cup to be used in the neonatology and maternity ward.
The teat rings have a standard thread suitable for a large range of bottles.


Variable speed:

  • Pink Ring, Teat and Protector- 3 speed teat for premature babies
  • Red Ring, Teat and Protector – 1 speed teat with anatomical shape for newborn infants
  • Blue Ring, Teat and Protector – 3 speed teat for newborn infants and babies in paediatric
  • White Ring, Teat and Protector – special anatomical teat preventing nipple confusion for newborns and small babies in paediatric who temporarily can’t breastfeed but who will go to or return to breastfeeding

Sterilised with Ethylene Oxide or treated with Gamma Radiation.

Are individually packed in a peel-able pouch, sterile and ready for use.

Ready-to-use, without the need for treatment or sterilization.
Fulfills the needs of neonate, maternity and paediatric departments.

5 year shelf life.

Recyclable. Incineration without toxic emissions.


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Beldico Teats
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